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My proposal for "Gold, really gold?" consists of the display of a selection 24 .gif files depicting floating objects in the Noorderkanaal (Rotterdam) alongside an .mp3
file of a field recording on the same location, it was recorded on the late morning
of April 25th, 2020.

The video archive (shown here as .gif files) is generated as a way to engage and relate to the surrounding of the domestic space of a floating house in the neighbourhood of Blijdorp where I currently live. In the opposite side of the canal, behind a translucid glass and metal sound barrier, the humming noise of the vehicles flowing along the A20 highway ( Gouda - Rotterdam - Vlaardingen - Maassluis). 

Due to the artificial “nature“ of the stream, the water does not always flow in the same direction, it depends on the levels of the Maas river and the North Sea and the following decisions taken, by means of infrastructure, that prevent the Netherlands from flooding (Interestingly, the barriers of the Maeslantkering are controlled by a supercomputer, and automatically close when Rotterdam, especially the Port of Rotterdam, is threatened by floods).

New shots are still being added to the archive in function of what the waters of the canal bring to sight. 

Floating in a two-directrional stream, 2020

Site specific online proposal for "Gold really gold?" coordinated by Nina Wakeford, MFA Studio Research and Practice, Piet Zwart Institute, the Netherlands.


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