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Kenneth Goldsmith poet who lives in New York City it becomes our own I want to wish you a

very short poem something brand new French Shriner wins Nobel Patrick modiano a

Francois has made a lifelong study of the Nazi occupation and its effects on his country was

the Swedish Academy quotes for the art of memory with which he has the most ungraspable

human Destinies uncovered the lines world and begin playing Super on warts on these folks

and I got so interested and over the course of many years is quite a long time I've ended up

dropping the sculptural form most well-known buckets of the New York Times 1 days Edition

by every single word that was a narrow street at the whole thing and there was my next

year-and-a-half of production that's stupid yes, because a response technology not the other

way around just listening to technology gives me Amazing Ideas on an analog president's

car is not turning up on to Elm Street and it will be only a matter of minutes before he arrives

at the trademarks I was on Stemmons Freeway earlier and even the freeway was jammed

packed with Spectators will be made its way towards the trademark running up the hil

l alongside Elm Street there by the Stemmons Freeway several police officers are rushing up

the hill at this time standby just a moment please the book 7 American deaths in disaster is a

tribute to Andy warhol's death and disaster pictures in that book I transcribed 7 tragedies that

were happening as they were all I wanted to hear what are the words we use to describe

something we never thought we have to describe in the moment radio and television is very

can most of the time but here people really improvising flying by the seat of their pants trying

to find the words to describe what was happening before them something has happened in

the motorcade route stand by please Parkland Hospital there has been a shooting Parkland

Hospital has been advised to stand by for severe gunshot wound I repeat I shooting in the

motorcade in the downtown area Parkland Hospital has been advised to stand by for a

severe Sharp the president's car is now going past me the limousine is now traveling at a

very high rate of speed Secret Service men standing up in the limousine they are armed

submachine guns appearances of someone in the limousine might have been hit by gunfire

presidential car coming up now we know it's the presidential car you can see mrs. Kennedy's

Pink Suit there's a secret service man spread-eagled the top of the car windows 10 governor

and mrs. Connelly are in the car with Kennedy can't see who has been something is terribly

wrong ideas of taking things a little bit too far is something I find very inspiring you know

something that be like okay can this and now and it keeps going on and it gets you know it's

super uncomfortable in a strange way supposed to make you feel comfortable in a reinforced

things that that that are better than our true story times has a little bit too far into inches

almost a performance are and so that's the kinds of the idea that you're trying to get

something over so what's her to say one line he was wrong I'm back at talkin about to shop

in 1984 sad a writer could never do this okay 6769 around the time deschamp dies even as

late as I looked at by a prank what can you do I'm in the motorcade now it looks as though

they're going to Parkland Hospital there on the road apartment at this time the Secret

Service men are still spread eagle Dover whoever is in the car and mrs. Kennedy as we

understand and governor and this is, at this point it looks as though it could have been one

or two or even all of the people we don't know if I don't have doubt I don't do the project I

mean if it looks like literature I'm not interested in doing it why would I care you know I don't

write Market Asian market for what I do it's only ideas and so you know I'm obliged does a

poet experimental has nothing to gain by playing it safe I can understand it's a very different

game with you looking for the next one there that's really not poetry an interesting place to

be from an artistic standpoint of the Arts well it's it's weird because I'm hearing this music


and I'm seeing online this video of three Charlie's Angels running out of the door you know

Jeff McKinney's running in the room to talk today about Farrah Fawcett certainly but now

there is news that Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital I think it's a Los Angeles

I'm not sure we can have a special report coming up we have a Squawk Box to an intercom

that links us to the New York Times Auburn academic papers are reviews about my work and

I won't even recognize it as being my work and incense my work is so objectified and so far

outside of myself that any criticism that you bring to it any ideas that are valid IDs and I can

be completely surprised by the way since I haven't you know a cleaner way of dealing with

an artifact saying she isn't that interesting needs to be self-conscious of the media and

manipulate as its primary content artworks with the intention of having them copied you

aren't really making art for the 21st century plagiarism and copyright Trials of the 21st

century or what the obscenity trials works the 20th century everything is done but we still

have problems with mirroring reproduction copyright intellectual property are really content of

21st century and the early 21st century CBS News special report on Dan raviv about a half

hour afterward that pops are Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack in Los Angeles it's now

reported and reliably reported that he has died Los Angeles Times website says Michael

Jackson age 50 has. He was in a coma when taken from an expensive rental home in Los

Angeles Los Angeles correspondent Steve futterman this is all correct it's just a shock here

in Southern California and around the world the LA times has Hugh said say Michael

Jackson was pronounced dead according to the LA Times by doctors this afternoon arriving

at the hospital running from the heart is actually actually much more on Creative then then

the kind of ideas on proposing become so boring has become so predictable that I just don't

like what it's become so what is it what ideas of plagiarism insincerity inauthenticity to be part

of the creative practice and security practices soap Shiner back at it by coming around me in

a weird way you can break copyright you can play with the law and very very last I was

making a lot of money doing this they come after me if I had big contracts as make men's

John's but that's really not the case so I'm free to break copyright and nobody seems to care

copyright and we're still going to have to lay it to get through a pretty bad rush hour we got

major delays on on 7th and 8th Avenue 2011 I was invited to the White House and too far

season 1 to ask questions about everybody seems to think it's great but when I began

reading traffic report the room lit up as a picture of Obama smiling hacks for someone that

got the biggest response because it was in the language that everybody could understand it

was vernacular so this is radical populism undecipherable nobody can understand it but in

fact the radicality of it is it's democracy is affected everybody obviously headed through the

Times Square area a torture test people would never let I think the artist move into the

spotlight for a minute it doesn't really mean that much we're still only known by the same

people that are then by the same people that care now cares about what you're doing you're

interesting you might be entertainment for a night but in no way does that open up the

practice to do cultural Embrace or even cultural change on any significant local at the height

of his Fame no way I live the life of a waiter I think artists with the life of a waiter on it's like it

doesn't get much better than that right now you've also got Jam UPS on the Brooklyn Bridge

Bumper to Bumper to Brooklyn but the lower roadway is why is swampy after your drawers

not looking good either bumper-to-bumper right off the Manhattan Bridge upper west side a

lot of the questions The Works ask are you know what can literature possibly be in the digital

age in an age where there's just machines are churning out more words than can ever be

rent a readership so let's get really interesting concept I Believe I Can Fly you know short

forms things that have information but poetry and literature at this point I'd say lesson

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